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"I've recommended Esthetics by Silvana to many of my friends and family, for those who were wise enough to listen they keep going back for more of Silvana's TLC.

I've never felt rushed through any service that Silvana has provided me. It's my time to escape and Silvana always makes sure that I am comfortable and relaxed. I find myself longing for my next pampering appointment."

Lisa, Barrhaven

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Sterilization and Disinfection Procedures

At Esthetics by Silvana stringent guidelines are followed with respect to the cleanliness, sterilization, disinfection, & sanitation for the day to day operations of my business. I am constantly implementing the highest standards in procedures on a daily basis.

Esthetics by Silvana has been inspected by the City of Ottawa public health board and has met the neccessary requirements.
The health and well being of every client is taken very seriously at Esthetics by Silvana.

Hand Washing

When clients enter the premises, they will be given a 90% Alcohol based hand sanitizer and disposable towel to sanitize and disinfect their hands, this will be a mandatory step going forward.

Hand washing has always been the gold standard for complete disinfection which is something I have always practised before during and after each client.
I will be encouraging all visitors to hand wash before entering the studio.

Gloves and masks

I will also be providing sterile medical exam gloves and masks for clients to wear; which will be a common practise for myself going forward.
For the time being, I am discouraging hugs and handshakes, to keep us all safe.

Treatment Room

All surfaces, countertops, furniture, tables, and equipment are washed disinfected and sterilized daily and between each and every client.

Medical grade Micro-Kleen Sterilant Disenfectant Cleaner wipes or spray are used for this process. Studio floors are vacumed and disinfected between clients and washed with bleach daily.

Please note: in addition to the regular disinfecting of all surfaces, entrance way tables, ottoman, booking counter, door knobs, light switches and all bathroom fixtures, I will be ramping up measures throughout the day and between clients, to protect the well being of all clients.


As a guest to Esthetics by Silvana for every Manicure or Pedicure service each client will be serviced with their own individual set of new sterile package of instruments including foot basins and stainless steel bowls.
They are thoroughly washed and disinfected and stored safely in a sealed container labelled with the clents name. This assures no cross contamination of instruments.

All instruments are washed, disinfected and sterilized by method of submerging instruments in Accel CS20, which is a 10 minute high level medical disinfectant of accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide, which is a bactericidal, viruscidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, and Tuberculocidal and recommended by Ottawa Public Health.

This practise has been in place at my studio for the last 10 years and been highly received and acclaimed by my clients, and thru my CBC interview on implementation of proper sterilization with spas.
(See my media category for in depth coverage of this subject)

Skin Care Treatments

All other implements such as tweezers, mask, brushes, facial brushes, and make-up tools are disinfected and also sterilized after every use in the same above manner. All treatments are performed with fresh sterile and clean linen, towels, bed sheets and blankets and are changed daily and between clients. Any facial sponges, spatulas or cotton pads used are disposable.


Fresh spatula applicators are used throughout each waxing service, never any double dipping!! This prevents any cross contamination nd prevents any bacteria from entering the sterile wax being used. Cotton waxing strips are disposable.
Wax pots are covered when not in use, cleaned, and disinfected daily!

Guidelines and Regulations

At Esthetics by Silvana all the necessary specifications and procedures are met in accordance with the following agencies:

Ottawa Public Health Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

13% HST applicable to all services
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