Esthetics by Silvana


Esthetics by Silvana

Regular $52

Tea Tree oil and eucalyptus foot bath, clipping , filing nails. Cuticle repair. Removal of all callouses, corns, and dry cracked skin. Using advanced footcare techniques, with the use of a rotary sanding tool and foot file. Finishing with a soothing and relaxing foot and leg massage using Gewhol foot cream according to type of feet. Base coat, polish and top coat. A detailed and thorough method, combined with advanced techniques to ensure perfect results. A total foot transformation.

Spa $62

Includes all steps from a regular pedicure, and with the added application of a warm paraffin wax. Soothes and moisturizes skin, also known for healing arthritic pain. Polish Application not recommended but can be included.

French $60

Includes all steps as Regular Pedicure, with toe nail tips polished in white, followed by pink overlay color, and top coat.

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